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Janez Chervek, S57J

I was born in Ljubljana in February 1959.

By profession, I am a bachelor of science - mechanics. I was never in any army in signal corps, or otherwise dealt with military radio communications.

I have been in amateur radio since 1982. In 1985 I passed the exam for "B" class operator, and  in 1988 for "A" class operator. During years of being very active, I won all the diplomas, which means most for the amateurs of the world. Even in amateur contests, I achieved some solid successes.

I am dealing with collecting of military radio since 2005, the last few years intensive. My goal is to collect as many military radio equipment, use on Slovenian territory, which should be, as much as possible complete by the technical books. Each device should also work if possible.

The collection began 25 years ago, when I had a friend, radio amateur Miran Hazslakievitz and we were often looked interesting military station from World War II - the Wireless Set No. 48. Unfortunately my friend died in the most beautiful years, and I inherited the Set 48. Because I did not find any information about it, it waited in the corner for better times. I slowly gained many surplus radio stations used by the former Yugoslav, and later the Slovenian Army. When the Internet came to life, I finally found the information and electrical scheme for my Set 48. When I tried to fix it, I realized that I must find some electron tubes to replace broken ones. Such tubes were otherwise out of production around 1950, but it is still possible to get them in the US. While I have dealt with the SET-48, my son began to wear the other stations from attic and play with them. Then I decided to sort, repair and complete all my stations and start a serious collecting. I was lucky that I got a lot of books for the servicing and overhaul of military stations, which were published by the former Yugoslav army. So I had important information about what accessories are on a single station and helped me look for and gather the necessary things. From the beginning I am also upgrading my catalog of stations with information and pictures.

When Slovenia wanted to became independent, I voluntarily participated in the Manoeuvre Structure of National Defence. I took part in several campaigns, among other things, in May 1991 in HRAST campaign in which we've brought a large quantity of three types of modern RACAL radios. I have in my collection one example of all three types. For participation in the campaign I got the Hrast Memorial sign ser.no.38.

In SF films we can often see how some (usually) a computer expert, when all other options fail, in some dusty basement find a radio device that he just turned on and operate, at the same time this "expert" can even use telegraphy. Something like this is really only possible in SF movies. The practice is totally different.

Currently I have 106 different radio stations with equipment and accessories, of which 58 are strict military, others are devices used by firefighters, police, civil protection and similar organizations. I also have 16 different measurement instruments, which are mainly used in the maintenance of military radio technology.

My e-mail address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it